Megabrom 0.09% 5 ml
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The active ingredient of Megabrom is Bromfenac. It is used in the treatment of inflammation in eyes. Megabrom is mainly used in providing relief of swelling or eye pain in patients who have had cataract surgery recently.

Megabrom works by blocking the production of prostaglandin, a substance that is responsible for causing inflammation, swelling, redness or irritation.

Megabrom is available in the eye drop form in the following strength.

The normal dosage of the medicine is 1 drop in each affected eye which is to be given twice daily continuously for a period 14 days. The medicine needs to be started 24 hours after surgery. The dosing instruction needs to be followed carefully and never alter the dosage. Take the medicine only for the prescribed period of time and do not exceed it or take it for less number of days.

Side effects of the drug: burning, irritation, stinging in eye; watery eyes; temporary blurred vision; headache.

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